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AVID Elementary Program at Venetia Valley K-8

AVID Elementary TK-8

Diverse Kids

Welcome to the Venetia Valley K-8 AVID Elementary 2014-15 webpage. Venetia Valley has begun its first year of offering AVID Elementary to all VV middle school students. Starting in 2015-16, the AVID program will begin to reach down to our elementary students.

Both Terra Linda and San Rafael High Schools offer AVID electives, but AVID Elementary differs from AVID electives at the secondary level because here at Venetia Valley, all students receive AVID instructional strategies. The instructional strategies are referred to as WICOR strategies (Writing to Learn, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading to Learn).

Teachers must attend a summer institute to be trained as AVID Elementary teachers. They also receive coaching and have access to AVID on-line resources, which enable them to design grade level specific lessons that are WICOR-ized. 

AVID Elementary also offers services and resources to parents, some of which can be found online. The parent resources also include an AVID parent night specifically designed to inform parents of the instructional strategies in the specific grade level. We are in the process of designing links for parents and the community to further explore AVID Elementary and to learn how to support our children academically at home.