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Venetia Valley Falcon Staff

Our teachers are committed, dedicated professionals that provide a top quality educational experience for all of your children. Take a moment to preview a list of our teaching staff here!

Transitional Kindergarten

Ms. Noemi Flores - Teacher

Ms. Mary Recio-Robbins - Dual Language Immersion Teacher


Ms. Valeria Luna - Dual Language Immersion Teacher

Ms. Sheila Torres - Dual Language Immersion Teacher

Ms. Deirdre Wilson - Teacher

Ms. Michele Witherspoon - Teacher

1st Grade Team

Ms. Allison Kegley - Teacher

Ms. Yoana Landin - Dual Language Immersion Teacher

Ms. Maritza Vega - Dual Language Immersion Teacher

2nd Grade Team

Ms. Rachel deBaere - Teacher

Ms. Janette Stranne - Spanish Immersion Teacher

Ms. Jordan Whitman - Teacher

3rd Grade Team

Ms. Alex Campos - Teacher

Ms. Kathryn Horn - Teacher

Mr. Matthew Pope - Spanish Immersion Teacher

4th Grade Team

Mr. Fernando Che - Spanish Immersion Teacher

Ms. Stephanie Klyce - Teacher

Mr. Eli Paris - Teacher

5th Grade Team

Mr. Ross Allard - Teacher

Ms. Andrea Leon - Spanish Immersion Teacher

Mr. Jared Riley - Teacher

Elementary Special Education Team

Ms. Natalie Corsini - TK/2 Special Day Class Teacher

Ms. Emily deRecat - 3/5 Special Day Class Teacher

Ms. Nancy Donovan - Elementary Resource Teacher

Ms. Madeline Briggs - Speech / Language Teacher

Ms. Kara Erickson - Occupational Therapist

Ms. Briana Wagner - TK/8 School Psychologist

Middle School Team

Humanities Team

Mr. Freddy Dominguez - 7/8 English Language Arts Teacher

Ms. Amber Skok - 6/7 English Language Arts Teacher 

Ms. Tracy Langley - 6/7 Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Colleen Turner - 7/8 Social Studies Teacher

Math / Science Team

Ms. Tiffany Avalos - 7/8 Science Teacher

Mr. Mike Dumbra - 6/7 Science Teacher

Mr. Shawn Koller - 6/7 Math & AVID Teacher

Mr. Louis Alvidrez - 6/7 Math Teacher

Ms. Krishna Dalal - 8th Grade Math Teacher

Special Area Team

Ms. Angela Baker - Art Teacher

Ms. Joanne Powers - Journalism Teacher

Ms. Nicole Chavarin - Physical Education Teacher

Mr. David Schmitz - Physical Education Teacher

Special Education Team

Ms. Ann Dill - Middle School Speech / Language Teacher

Ms. Jennie Fung - Middle School Special Day Class Teacher

Ms. Heidi Samayoa - Middle School Resource Teacher

School Counseling Team

Ms. Barbara Katz - School Counselor serving even grade levels (K, 2, 4, 6 & 8)

Ms. Caitlyn Wong - School Counselor serving odd grade levels (TK, 1, 3, 5, & 7)